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Subject: Business
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The March of the New Muslim Middle Class

Vali Nasr

Combining historical narrative with on-the-ground research, this title introduces a Muslim world we've never seen before; one that is being transformed by booming economies and a vibrant middle class that will tip the balance away from extremists. It offers an assessment of a world where financial might - not fundamentalism - is doing the talking.
9781851687374 (1 Apr 2010)
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The Book

Renowned Middle-East expert Vali Nasr combines historical narrative with contemporary on-the-ground research to introduce a Muslim World we've never seen. Meccanomics takes us behind the news, so dominated by the struggle against extremists and the Taliban, to reveal a new society, one that is being reshaped by an upwardly mobile middle class of entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and insatiable consumers. His insights into the true situations in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the crucial bright spots of Dubai and Turkey provide a whole new way of thinking about the troubles and prospects in the region.

Nasr's groundbreaking analysis offers a powerful reassessment of a region where financial might - not fundamentalism - does the talking.

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Subject Business
Pages 320
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Vali Nasr is Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations. Born in Iran, he now lives in the US, where he regularly appears on major network news shows and has written for The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. He also recently guested on The Daily Show to talk about his book.


"Nasr is a talented academic."

- Independent on Sunday

"These two sensible books argue that rather than trying to impose its own ideas, the West should listen more carefully to voices from the region."

- The Economist

"This book affords the reader rare insights into the situation in Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.” "a good place to start for a reader interested in getting beyond the toxic rhetoric about Muslims in recent years.”

- irish times