Life Finds a Way

Pages: 320
Subject: Science, Popular Science
Imprint: Oneworld
Illustrations: 20 greyscale integrated illustrations

Life Finds a Way

What Evolution Teaches Us About Creativity

Andreas Wagner

One of the world's leading biologists reveals new insights into evolution, the creative process of nature, and how we can use them to solve problems in life, art, business and science
9781786076151 (4 Jul 2019)
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The Book

Darwin's theory of evolution was a monumental achievement, but there was much he did not know. In his ‘survival of the fittest' model each step must go forward, life always progressing up the slope towards an evolutionary peak. There is no turning back. So what happens when there is more than one slope, and life finds itself on the wrong one? World-leading biologist Andreas Wagner reveals that life does not, as Darwin believed, only walk - it also leaps.

Drawing on pioneering research, Wagner explores life's creative process and how, with all the stops and starts, and knowing that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, it bears a striking resemblance to how we humans work. There is a beguiling symmetry between the way Picasso struggled through forty versions of Guernica and how evolution transformed a dinosaur's claw into a condor's wing. This new understanding is already revolutionising our approach to problem-solving across the sciences. In the near future, applied in spheres as diverse as the economy and education, it will enable us to do so much more. Thought-provoking and deeply hopeful, Life Finds a Way reminds us that no matter how many times we have to turn back, we can still reach the highest peaks.

Additional Information

Subject Science, Popular Science
Pages 320
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations 20 greyscale integrated illustrations


About the Author

Andreas Wagner is a professor and chairman at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich. He is the author of four books on evolutionary innovation, including Arrival of the Fittest, which is also published by Oneworld. He lives in Zurich.


‘Fills in the parts of the puzzle even Darwin didn't understand.'

- Mail on Sunday on Arrival of the Fittest

‘A truly revolutionary book.'

- Independent, Best Books of the Year, on Arrival of the Fittest

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