Kahlil Gibran

Pages: 392
Subject: Spirituality
Imprint: Oneworld

Kahlil Gibran

Man and Poet

Joe Jenkins, Suheil Bushrui

From his love affairs to his artistic achievements, Gibran is laid bare by the world's leading expert.
9781851685417 (25 Jan 2008)
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The Book

Kahlil Gibran's bestselling poetic masterpiece, The Prophet, originally published in 1923, continues to inspire millions worldwide with its timeless words of love and mystical longing. Yet Gibran's genius went much further than this, to produce over twenty literary works, in both English and Arabic, as well as over 500 works of art, all characterized by an otherworldly beauty.

Going beyond the many myths that surround Gibran, this incisive biography charts his colourful life, his dramatic love affairs, and his artistic achievements, to present a fascinating and unique portrait of this remarkable man.

Additional Information

Subject Spirituality
Pages 392
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Suheil Bushrui is internationally recognized as the foremost international authority on Kahlil Gibran. He is currently Director of the University of Maryland Kahlil Gibran Research and Studies Project.

Joe Jenkins represents a new generation of Gibran scholars and is currently a Research Fellow at the Kahlil Gibran Research and Studies Project.


"If you enjoy Gibran's style, you will relish that of Bushrui and Jenkins."

- The Daily Telegraph

"Breaks new ground"

- The New York Times

Table of Contents

Beginnings (1883-1895); the new world (1895-1898); returning to the roots (1898-1902); overcoming tragedy (1902-1908); the city of light (1908-1910); the poet-painter in search (1910-1914); the madman (1914-1920); a literary movement is born (1920); a strange little book (1921-1923); the master poet (1923-1928); the return of the wanderer (1929-1931).

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