John Hick

Pages: 336
Subject: Philosophy
Imprint: Oneworld

John Hick

An Autobiography

John Hick

John Hick tells his life story, from his youth spent in Yorkshire to his eventual place as a staunch advocate of religious pluralism.

The Book

From Yorkshire schoolboy to philosopher and theologian of International renown, John Hick tells his life story in this warm and absorbing autobiography. Painting a vivid picture of Twentieth-century soceity, from 1950s America to racial tensions in England and in apartheid-era South Africa, he recounts the events that have shaped his life, including his early conversion to evangelical Christianity, his role as a conscientious objector in the Second World War, and his gradual often controversial- move towards a religious pluralism embracing all the world faiths. This thoughtful reflection on the changing face of religion and insight into one man's spiritual and intellectual journey will appeal to any concerned with the great human questions, from belief in the Transcendent, to the role of faith, and the nature of death and beyond.

Additional Information

Subject Philosophy
Pages 336
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

John Hick is a fellow of the Institute for Advanced Research in Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham


"He deserves to be honoured in his own country, and even in the Anglican ecclesiastical establishment"

- Church Times

"one of the most stimulating books I have ever read."

- Universalist

Table of Contents

1. A Shipping Family 1

2. Childhood, schools and family 11

3. Religious exploration and conversion 24

4. A Conchie 36

5. With the friends ambulance unit in Egypt 45

6. FAU in italy and greece 59

7. Student at Edinburgh and Oxford 66

8. Theological training 78

9. Minister at Belford 88

10. Philosopher at Cornell 102

11. heretic at Princeton Seminary 120

12. Cambridge interlude 131

13. Brimingham University 143

14. Multi-faith work in Birmingham 159

15. All Fatihs for One Race 169

16 AFFOR - racial issues 180

17. With Hindus in India 193

18. With Sikhs in Punjab 206

19. With Buddhists in Sri Lanka 217

20. The Myth of God Incarnate 227

21. Botawana and apartheid South Africa 238

22. Graduate teaching in California 250

23. Life at Claremont 264

24. Encounters with eastern Buddhism 277

25. Interlude- return trips to the States 289

26. Birmingham again 297

27. Philosophy of religion - the state of the art 311

28. Epilogue: write your own pre-obituary 320

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