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All titles from Oneworld Publications

The Spinning Magnet

Alanna Mitchell

The Art of Failing

Anthony McGowan

The Baghdad Clock

Shahad Al Rawi


Bob Berman

The Unit

Ninni Holmqvist

The Last London

Iain Sinclair

Dictator Literature

Daniel Kalder

Dictator Literature

Daniel Kalder

Oak and Ash and Thorn

Peter Fiennes

No Turning Back

Rania Abouzeid

The Health of Nations

Karen Bartlett


Martie Haselton

Votes For Women!

Jenni Murray

Examined Lives

Prof. James Miller

Who Lost Russia?

Peter Conradi

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Annette Dumbach, Jud Newborn


Jonathan A.C. Brown


Ronald Bruce St John


Vaclav Smil

Little Nothing

Marisa Silver

The End of the Liberal Order?

Niall Ferguson, Fareed Zakaria

To Pixar and Beyond

Lawrence Levy

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