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All titles from Oneworld Publications


Nicole Dennis-Benn

Boys Will Be Boys

Clementine Ford

Weird Maths

David Darling, Agnijo Banerjee

Weirder Maths

David Darling, Agnijo Banerjee

Posh Boys

Robert Verkaik


Simon Tormey

Democracy Hacked

Martin Moore

Heart: A History

Sandeep Jauhar

Our Woman in Havana

Sarah Rainsford

Fight Like A Girl

Clementine Ford

The Fate of Food

Amanda Little


Belinda Luscombe

A People’s History of Heaven

Mathangi Subramanian

Bipolar Disorder

Sarah Owen, Amanda Saunders


Thomas W. Malone

The Billionaire Raj

James Crabtree

The Way Home

Mark Boyle

The Moneyless Man

Mark Boyle


Laura Lindstedt

An American Marriage

Tayari Jones


Bob Berman

The Prodigal Tongue

Lynne Murphy

Orchid & the Wasp

Caoilinn Hughes

The Water Thief

Claire Hajaj


Guzel Yakhina

175 Years of Persecution

Fereydun Vahman

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