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All titles from Oneworld Publications

The Power of Others

Michael Bond

The Crack

Christopher Radmann


Feroz Ahmad

The Power of Others

Michael Bond

The Poppy

Nicholas J. Saunders

The Roman Empire

Philip Matyszak

The Swan Gondola

Timothy Schaffert

Good Kings, Bad Kings

Susan Nussbaum


Joseph Coohill


Mary Roach

The Russian Revolution

Abraham Ascher

Magnificent Joe

James Wheatley

The Trouble with Billionaires

Linda McQuaig, Neil Brooks

Revolution Street

Amir Cheheltan

Zebra Crossing

Meg Vandermerwe

On Becoming a Mother

Brigid McConville

Falling into the Fire

Christine Montross

The Firm

Duff McDonald

The Genius of Dogs

Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods

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