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All titles from Oneworld Publications


Jok Madut Jok

The Prison Book Club

Ann Walmsley


David Darling

Spring Chicken

Bill Gifford

John Crow’s Devil

Marlon James

Half Life

Frank Close

In the Kingdom of Ice

Hampton Sides

The World Trade Organization

Prof. David Collins

The Third Chimpanzee

Jared Diamond


Joseph LeDoux

Misquoting Muhammad

Jonathan A.C. Brown

Man V. Nature

Diane Cook


Ros Barber

Odysseus Abroad

Amit Chaudhuri

Moving On

Diane Cook


John S. Strong

Arrival of the Fittest

Andreas Wagner

The Night Stages

Jane Urquhart

In Between Dreams

Iman Verjee

Hiding in Plain Sight

Nuruddin Farah

Telling the Bees

Peggy Hesketh

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