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All titles from Oneworld Publications


Emily Greenwood

Jacinda Ardern

Supriya Vani, Carl A. Harte

The Blunders of Our Governments

Anthony King, Ivor Crewe


Joseph Coohill

The Nursery

Szilvia Molnar

Dust Child

Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai

Goodbye Eastern Europe

Jacob Mikanowski

Thirst for Salt

Madelaine Lucas


Nicholas Spencer


Em Strang

Things They Lost

Okwiri Oduor

Why Beethoven

Norman Lebrecht

Sea of Eden

Andrés Ibáñez

Call and Response

Gothataone Moeng

White Torture

Narges Mohammadi

The Long Shot

Kate Bingham, Tim Hames

Seven Empty Houses

Samanta Schweblin

Eve Bites Back

Anna Beer

The Mad Emperor

Harry Sidebottom

Life as We Made It

Beth Shapiro

How to Teach Economics to Your Dog

Rebecca Campbell, Anthony McGowan


Javier Zamora

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