Great Thinkers on Great Questions

Pages: 256
Subject: Philosophy
Imprint: Oneworld

Great Thinkers on Great Questions

Roy Abraham Varghese

Great minds of the 20th century, including such distinguished names as Richard Swinburne, Alvin Platinga and Keith Ward, offers answers to some of life's key questions.
9781851686551 (1 Apr 2009)
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The Book

This innovative and challenging book presents cogent answers from some of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century to fifteen of the most enduring questions posed by humanity. For questioning minds who seek alternative philosophical viewpoints, this is a unique and accessible assessment of humankind's common experience that offers a new vision for the next millenium.

Additional Information

Subject Philosophy
Pages 256
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Roy Abraham Varghese is an experienced author and editor on the subject of science and religion. His book Cosmic Beginnings and Human Endings won the Templeton Book Prize for Theology in 1995. Time magazine described his book Cosmos, Bios, Theos as "the year's most intriguing book about God".

Table of Contents

Part 1: Can We Known and Know That we Know? 21

Relativism 23

Universal Insights presupposed by science and philosophy 39

Part II: is matter the whole story 41

The existence of the soul 43

the freedom of the will 70

Life after death 83

Reincarnation 87

Part III: Are religion and Morality Simply and Solely By-products of the Socio-Cultural Environment? 95

Psychology,sociology and religious belief 97

Right and Wrong 100

Atheism 108

Part IV : Is There a God? 115

The existence of God 117

God and Modern Science 154

The Problem of Evil 191

Pantheism 206

Divine actions in the world and human history 212

Part V: What Can We Know About God? 219

Omniscience, omnipotence, eternity and infinity 221