God's Big Instruction Book

Pages: 140
Subject: Gift Books
Imprint: Oneworld

God's Big Instruction Book

Timeless Wisdom on How to Follow the Spiritual Path

Drawing on the rich diversity of humanity’s common spiritual heritage, God’s BIG Instruction Book explores the eternal themes of the spiritual life.
9781851681709 (1 Oct 1998)
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The Book

God's Big Instruction Book is a lovely collection of spiritual wisdom which draws from sacred texts across the religious spectrum--Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism and more. In the preface, Juliet Mabey, editorial director of Oneworld, explains "Spirituality should not be confused with religiosity or isolation from the hustle and bustle of everyday concerns, but rather is a way of living the everyday within the consciousness of the eternal. Indeed, it provides the very source of quality, meaning, and purpose that makes our everyday life worthwhile. These inspirational words serve to remind us that a more fulfilling, complete life lies ahead for all who venture along the spiritual path."

Divided into broad chapters, each containing subsections, there are nuggets of wisdom on such subjects as Our relationship with God; The Human Soul; Love; Humility; Materialism; Parents; Unity; and Overcoming Anxiety and Fear.The selected lines and verses make for a calm and enlightening read, and also a very modern one. The texts might be ancient but the words of wisdom selected from them are ageless and universal, making this collection supremely approachable. God's Big Instruction Book is also beautifully packaged and would make an ideal gift, to treasure.

Additional Information

Subject Gift Books
Pages 140
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Juliet Mabey is editorial director of Oneworld Publications, which she founded with her husband, Novin Doostdar.