God, Chance and Necessity

Pages: 200
Subject: Religion
Imprint: Oneworld Academic
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God, Chance and Necessity

Keith Ward

The 'new materialism' argues that science and religious belief are incompatible. This book aims to debunk such arguments, whose proponents have included figures from Hawkings to Dawkins.
9781851681167 (26 Sep 1996)
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The Book

The so-called ‘new materialism' argues that science and religious belief are incompatible. From Cosmology to Biology, its exponents have included such eminent names as Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Peter Atkins and Michael Ruse.

With a carefully argued, point by point refutation of scientific atheism, God, Chance and Necessity shows that modern scientific knowledge does not undermine belief in God, but actually points to the existence of God as the best explanation of the way things are. Thus, it sets out to demolish the claims of books like The Selfish Gene, and to show that the overwhelming appearance of design in nature is not deceptive.

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Subject Religion
Pages 200
Imprint Oneworld Academic
Illustrations bibliography, index


About the Author

Keith Ward is the Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford.


"a very accessible, highly engaging work" "a well argued apologetic for theistic metaphysics" "This book displays a maturity and clarity far surpassing Ward's earlier works"

- Theology Today

"A rare synthesis of intellect and conviction, this book offers valuable insights to readers struggling to reconcile faith and science."

- Booklist

"admirable effort to engage the scientist and the philosopher in the question of meaning, and human destiny."

- Muslim World Book Review

"incisive, logically structured and not cluttered with technical language."

- Methodist Recorder

"a profound and richly satisfying book that illuminates better than anything I have come across the most important issue of our time and which sooner or later will consign atheism to the dustbin of philosophical ideas.

- Catholic Herald

"Prof. Ward has written a tightly reasoned and highly accessible book that seeks to show the fallacies of modern scientific atheism"

- One Country

"The philosophical and scientific arguments for the existence of God - well summarised, for instance in Professor Keith Ward's God, Chance and Necessity (Oneworld, 1996) - are now almost overwhelming."

- The Times

"Ward combines elegant rendering of familiar arguments with his own creative contribution."

- Theology Today

"it engages with the issues of the day from a position of profound and rational faith and deserves to be widely read and discussed"

- Science and Christian Belief


- The Guardian

Table of Contents

introduction 7

1 The origin of the species 15

2 Something for nothing: a dubious deal 34

3 is there any point? Where the universe is going 50

4. Darwin and natural selection 61

5.the metaphysics of theism 96

6. The elegance of the Life- plan 105

7. Evolution and purpose 131

8. Brains and consciousness 147

9. The future of evolution 167

10.Suffering and goodness 190

bibliography 205

Index 208

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