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Pages: 512
Subject: Popular Science
Imprint: Oneworld
Illustrations: Illustrations

From Eternity to Here

The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time

Sean Carroll

The critically acclaimed, radical new history of time before the Big Bang
9781851688951 (14 May 2015)
RRP £9.99
9781851687954 (1 Mar 2011)
RRP £12.99

The Book

Twenty years after Stephen Hawking's 9-million-copy selling A Brief History of Time, pioneering theoretical physicist Sean Carroll takes our investigation into the nature of time to the next level. You can't unscramble an egg and you can't remember the future. But what if time doesn't (or didn't!) always go in the same direction? Carroll's paradigm-shifting research suggests that other universes experience time running in the opposite direction to our own. Exploring subjects from entropy and quantum mechanics to time travel and the meaning of life, Carroll presents a dazzling new view of how we came to exist.

Additional Information

Subject Popular Science
Pages 512
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations Illustrations


About the Author

Sean Carroll is the author of The Particle at the End of the Universe for which he won the 2013 Royal Society Winton Prize for Science books. He is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology. After receiving his PhD from Harvard, he pursued his research at MIT, the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, and the University of Chicago, and his papers on dark matter, dark energy, the physics of extra dimensions, and alternative theories of gravity have been widely praised and published in peer-reviewed journals, including Nature. He is also a co-founder of Cosmic Variance (, named one of the top five science blogs by Nature, and a TV presenter.


'Forget Stephen Hawking's Brief History: this mind-blowing book is the real deal... Fascinating.' 

- Times Higher Education, Book of the Week

'Carroll's insight will intrigue anyone... Most enjoyable.'

- BBC Focus

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