Pages: 224
Subject: Philosophy
Series: Beginner's Guides
Imprint: Oneworld
Illustrations: Illustrations


A Beginner's Guide

Thomas E. Wartenberg

Suitable for both the everyday reader and the introductory student, this clear and enlightening guide introduces the elusive philosophical school of Existentialism.

The Book

Existentialism pervades modern culture, yet if you ask most people what it means, they won't be able to tell you. In this lively and topical introduction, Wartenberg reveals a vibrant mode of philosophical inquiry that addresses concerns at the heart of the existence of every human being. Wartenberg uses classic films, novels, and plays to present the ideas of now-legendary Existentialist thinkers from Nietzsche and Camus to Sartre and Heidegger and to explore central concepts, including Freedom, Anxiety, and the Absurd. Special attention is paid to the views of Simone de Beauvoir and Franz Fanon, who use the theories of Existentialism to address gender and colonial oppression.

Additional Information

Subject Philosophy
Series Beginner's Guides
Pages 224
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations Illustrations


About the Author

Thomas E. Wartenberg is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts. He is the author of Unlikely Couples: Movie Romance as Social Criticism.