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Sean Carroll – New Scientist (ONLINE event)

ONLINE, October 20, 2022 6:00 pm

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New Scientist presents…

Online Event: Space, Time and Motion

‘Where, when and how?’ are some of the most fundamental questions we can ask, and knowledge of space, time and motion has been central to the biggest discoveries in physics.

Join Sean Carroll as he explores deep questions about the nature of space, time and change, laying out the framework of classical physics from Galileo and Euclid to Newton and Einstein. Starting with ideas that are centuries old, Sean will be your guide to the equations that revolutionised physics, leading to the theory of relativity and the prediction of black holes.

Sean Carroll, Research Professor of Physics at Caltech (Until Aug 2022), Homewood Professor of Natural Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University (from Sep 2022)

Sean Carroll is a Research Professor of theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. He is the author of several books, most recently Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime. He has been awarded prizes and fellowships by the National Science Foundation, NASA, the Sloan Foundation, the Packard Foundation, the American Physical Society, the American Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of London, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is the host of the weekly Mindscape podcast.

What’s included in your ticket:

  • Live lecture lasting 60 minutes including Q&A with Sean Carroll
  • On-demand access to a recording of the lecture and Q&A for 12 months
  • Bonus content from New Scientist

Big Thinkers Series (Series tickets available)

The 2022 Big Thinker series from New Scientist events will feature eight online evening lectures throughout 2022, covering a wide range of scientific topics all brought to you by world-class scientists and experts. Take a look at the full series below:

  • 10th February 2022 – David Chalmers: Reality+: From the Matrix to the Metaverse (Watch this talk on demand)
  • 31st March 2022 – Claudia de Rham: What we don’t know about Gravity (Watch this talk on demand)
  • 28th April 2022 – Katie Mack: Physics at the end of the Universe (Watch this talk on demand)
  • 12th May 2022 – Chad Orzel: A Brief History of Timekeeping (Watch this talk on demand)
  • 23rd June 2022 – Tony Padilla: Fantastic numbers and where to find them
  • 20th October 2022 – Sean Carroll: Space, time and motion
  • 10th November 2022 – Veronica O’Keane: Memory, the brain and who we are

Save £50 off the standard ticket price by purchasing an annual subscription to all 8 live online “Big Thinker” lectures (also available on-demand) or purchase single tickets for just £13 per lecture (early booking rate), to hear from the finest minds in science in 2022.


This online event will start at 18.00 BST/13:00 EST on Thursday 20th October 2022 and will last for approximately one hour. Access to a  recording of the event will be exclusively available to ticket purchasers  for the 12 months following the live event. The on-demand recording will be available to view within 24 hours of the live discussion.

Eventbrite will email you a confirmation immediately after purchase. You will also receive a separate email from our virtual events platform, Workcast with a link to access the event auditorium prior to the event; please note that each link is unique and should not be shared.  The event auditorium will also provide access to the other items included in your ticket.

Tickets are non-transferable to any other New Scientist event.

All tickets are non-refundable.

New Scientist reserves the right to alter the event and its line-up, or cancel the event. In the unlikely event of cancellation, all tickets will be fully refunded. New Scientist Ltd will not be liable for any additional expenses incurred by ticket holders in relation to the event.

Tickets are subject to availability and are only available in advance through Eventbrite.  To secure your place we recommend you book in advance.

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