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Pages: 256
Subject: Current Affairs, Politics
Imprint: Oneworld

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How Money and Donations have Corrupted British Politics

Bobby Friedman

A searing investigation into the sleazy mess of party financing , this is the book the politicians don't want you to read
9781780742526 (5 Sep 2013)
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The Book


Big business, eccentric loners, lobbyists, fraudsters, senior trade unionists, and dodgy wheeler-dealers have all been rubbing shoulders with the most senior politicians in the country – and they often expect something in return for their money.

Now, in this blistering exposé, investigative journalist Bobby Friedman reveals how upstanding party treasurers and cabinet ministers have been turned into desperate courters of the rich. Discover the truth behind the toxic system where money buys you access and trade union power is king. Understand why you’re more likely to become a peer if you’ve donated to a political party and how foreign multi-millionaires can use shell companies and subterfuge to gain entry to the locked doors of Westminster.

Informed by interviews with wealthy donors and key political figures, and packed with shocking revelations, this enthralling book exposes who is really pulling the strings in British government.

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Subject Current Affairs, Politics
Pages 256
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Bobby Friedman is a writer, barrister, journalist and commentator. He has worked as a producer for Newsnight and as a reporter and presenter, including for the award-winning investigative television programme Spotlight. He is the author of a biography of John Bercow, published to widespread critical acclaim in 2011.


‘[Friedman] has interviewed a number of the main characters involved… Compelling’

- Literary Review


- New Statesman

'A gripping story uncovering a murky side to Westminster politics. Friedman's investigation is a must-read for anyone interested in politics and scandal.'

- Kay Burley, anchor, Sky News

'A gem of a book... If you want to know why we're in the mess we are today, read this book. Friedman's subject is serious but his lightness of touch and delicious ear for detail makes it positively zip along. He has a Rawnsley-like ability to convince you he was in the room at the very moment when plans were being hatched.'

- Emily Maitlis, presenter, Newsnight

'Friedman entertainingly chronicles a century in which the machinery of democracy has been badly corroded by money. What emerges is an unanswerable case for overhauling the funding of British politics - left, right and centre.'

- Richard Brooks, author of The Great Tax Robbery