Pages: 256
Subject: Business
Imprint: Oneworld


Inside the Big Data Revolution

Steve Lohr

Even the tiniest piece of information about you is worth something to someone - welcome to the age of data-ism

The Book

Data is the vital raw material in our modern information economy. There is already an incredible amount of digital data in the world, and it's doubling every two years. Business decisions used to be based on experience and intuition - now detailed data analysis is the name of the game. Those bits and bytes are transforming our world.

Steve Lohr, chief technology reporter at the New York Times, takes us to meet the people at the centre of this digital revolution and shows how we, both as individuals and institutions, will need to exploit, protect and manage our data in order to remain competitive. Beyond a vast array of illuminating insights and rich anecdotes, he asks provocative questions about the policies and practices surrounding digital data. The answers he finds will reach far and wide to affect every one of us.  

Additional Information

Subject Business
Pages 256
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Steve Lohr is a senior writer and reporter for the New York Times, where he writes about the intersection of technology, business and society and contributes to the internationally-read Bits blog. His journalism has been hailed as 'a tour de force' (Nature). He lives in New York City.


‘A chronicle of the present state of big data and the possible future it portends... argues persuasively that big data is just now coming of age and that it has a lot of maturing still to do.'

- Washington Post

‘Steve Lohr lays out the promise, the personalities, and the perils of big data in an entertaining and enlightening book.'

- Hal Varian, chief economist at Google

‘Big data has the potential to make us healthier and more effective. Learn why, and what will happen, in Steve Lohr's important new book.'

- Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google

"The digitization of business has created staggering amounts of data and unprecedented opportunities for data-driven decision-making. If you want to understand this new territory, Steve Lohr is the trusted, insightful guide you need.”

- Erik Brynjolfsson, co-author of The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies

"If you want to understand where our world is headed, you need to read this book. It goes beneath the surface of Big Data to provide a penetrating view of the people exploring the edges of how to extract more value from the data.”

- John Hagel, Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge

"Chock full of anecdotes, insights, and behind-the-scenes profiles of modern-day data gods such as Cloudera's Jeff Hammerbacher and IBM's Michael Haydock, Data-ism is a must-read for understanding Big Data's impact on society and in your own life.”

- Oren Etzioni, CEO, Allen Institute For Artificial Intelligence