Pages: 192
Subject: Psychology
Imprint: Oneworld
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Our Quest for Excitement

Michael J. Apter

An interesting and quirky look at why humans are attracted to danger.
9781851684816 (19 Oct 2006)
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The Book

Why do we slow down to look at car accidents? Why would rich people shoplift? What draws people to parachuting, military service, and sadistic sex?

These are just some of the questions this book unravels in its investigation of our paradoxical liking of danger. Using the concept of a ‘protective frame', drawn from Reversal Theory, Danger: Our Love of Living on the Edge explains how, even in dangerous situations (often because of them!) anxiety becomes excitement and fear, exhilaration--transforming the horrifying into the heavenly.

Examining different kinds of protective frames and how they affect our behaviour, as well as how they are institutionalized in our culture, this book explores how excitement-seeking can lead to disaster for ourselves or others, how it opens us to manipulation—but also how it can be uniquely creative and life-enhancing.

An intellectual tour de force, Danger throws light on a critically important but often neglected force of human nature and culture.

Additional Information

Subject Psychology
Pages 192
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations illustrations


About the Author

Renowned psychologist Michael J. Apter has taught and researched in a number of universities worldwide, including Yale, Georgetown, and Chicago in the United States, and Toulouse, Bergen, Barcelona, and Louvain in Europe. His revolutionary work on reversal theory led him to found Apter International, a consultancy firm offering products and services to businesses worldwide. He currently resides in Manassas, Virginia.


"One of the most exciting ideas to come along in motivational psychology over the past several decades."

- Contemporary Psychology

-- Newspaper Article 'This is a scream' on the slides in the Tate mentions "Danger: Our Quest For Excitement" and quotes Michael Apter.

- The Times

--Article entitled "Slides: The New Therapy" makes reference to the book and Apters views on fear.

- top sante health and beauty