Coping with Fears and Phobias

Pages: 192
Subject: Psychology
Series: Coping With...
Imprint: Oneworld

Coping with Fears and Phobias

A CBT Guide to Understanding and Facing Your Anxieties

Warren Mansell

Reclaim your life with the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The Book

Fear is a normal emotion. For one out of ten

people, however, fear is extreme and disruptive

because approximately 10% of people have

an anxiety disorder at any one time, only a

tiny proportion of whom receive appropriate

psychological treatment. This book provides you

with information about fears and phobias and how

to cope with them, so you can reclaim your life.

Incorporating extensive research on anxiety

and phobias, Dr Mansell writes accessibly and

supportively. He provides real-life examples and

many easy-to-learn techniques from cognitive

behavioural therapy (CBT), all of which will help

sufferers develop a lasting change. Coping with

Fears and Phobias is supported by a dedicated

website for sufferers and carers.

Additional Information

Subject Psychology
Series Coping With...
Pages 192
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Dr. Warren Mansell is a clinical psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Manchester.


"The book offers a step-by-step way to understand anxiety, prepare for change, face fears and build on strength and values."

- Index Magazine, The (West Kent and East Sussex Edition)