Confessions from Correspondentland

Pages: 424
Subject: Politics, Current Affairs
Imprint: Oneworld

Confessions from Correspondentland

The Dangers and Delights of Life as a Foreign Correspondent

Nick Bryant

The inside story of a treasured profession, in the footsteps of Confessions of a GP and Kitchen Confidential

The Book

Since making his journalistic debut breaking into Piers Morgan’s office, BBC foreign correspondent Nick Bryant has rattled Donald Rumsfeld, had tea with President Karzai, and lunched with the Tamil Tigers. Now casting a sideways glance at his own profession, Bryant divulges the day-to-day realities of life in ‘Correspondentland’ – its glamour, its quirks, and its sometimes unsavoury practices. Whether in Washington DC, offering a window onto American politics as no insider can, reporting from a slum in India, or revealing why the BBC delayed the news of Princess Diana’s death, Bryant’s perspective is inimitable and always insightful.

Part memoir, part travelogue, part exposé, this is an unmissable and unique view into the world of modern reporting, and an intimate portrait of the countries Bryant has come to know.

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Subject Politics, Current Affairs
Pages 424
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Nick Bryant is the New York correspondent for the BBC. He served as the BBC Washington correspondent during the Bush and Clinton presidencies, and was also based in South Asia, where he reported from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. He has written for The Times, Economist, Independent, and Australian. Nick studied history at the University of Cambridge and has a doctorate in American politics from the University of Oxford.


Bryant is a genuine rarity: a Brit who understands America.

- Washington Post


- Sydney Morning Herald

Refreshing ... Correspondentland strikes the right balance of observation and insight, skilfully leavened with a helping of humour and a pinch of self-deprecation.

- The Australian