Pages: 316
Subject: Religion: Christianity
Imprint: Oneworld


A Short Global History

Frederick W. Norris

A balanced introduction to the spread of Christianity across the world, covering a wide range of key issues and a comprehensive survey of the faith.
9781851682966 (28 May 2002)
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The Book

A detailed chronological guide, tracing the geographical and social development of Christian communities around the world, covering many key issues, including the Crusades and the fervent evangelism of missionary movements over the last five hundred years.

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Subject Religion: Christianity
Pages 316
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Frederick W. Norris is the Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History and Professor of World Mission/Evangelism at Emmanuel School of Religion in Tennessee, USA. He is an expert in mission history and theology, and the author of five books and numerous papers.


"The writing is crisp, lucid, and pithy, providing for a stimulating read."

- Anglican Theological Review

"This book splendidly assists the reader in understanding the richness of the Christian experience"

- Anglican Theological Review

"a stimulating read."

- Studies in World Christianity

"This is not a dry work of history"

- Studies in World Christianity

"There's plenty of food for thought though as the whole 'warts and all' story is told"

- World Mission Magazine

"valuable and timely addition to this body of literature"

- International Bulletin of Missionary Research

"meticulously researched and richly detailed."

- International Bulletin of Missionary Research

"concise, highly readable, replete with insightful analyses of Christianity's interaction with other cultures"

- International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Table of Contents


1 Little-known to persecuted minority: beginnings to 313

2 Persecuted and persecuting, 300-630

3 Endangered at the centre, moving north-west and eastT, 630-1100

4 Crusades to the near-extinction of Asian Christians, 1100-1500

5 Conquest reformation and indigenous growth 1433-1600

6 Weakened Christendom and European Enlightenment, 1600-1800

7 Western missionary expansion, 1800-1920

8 Post- Christendom west , non- Westen Christians 1900-2000