Christianity and Other Religions

Pages: 192
Subject: Religion: Christianity
Imprint: Oneworld Academic

Christianity and Other Religions

Selected Readings

Brian Hebblethwaite, John Hick

Eleven essays by key thinkers on Christianity and its relationship with other religions. 
9781851682799 (3 Sep 2001)
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The Book

Edited by two of the most prominent names in interfaith dialogue, this is an introduction to the complex relationships between Christianity and the other world faiths. Featuring essays from some of the key thinkers in the Christian faith. It covers both Catholic and Protestant approaches, and features all the rival points of view, including the uncompromising absolutism of Karl Barth and Pope John Paul II, the more ecumenical approaches of Karl Rahner and Hans Kung, and the religious pluralism of Wilfred Cantwell Smith and John Hick, among others.

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Subject Religion: Christianity
Pages 192
Imprint Oneworld Academic


About the Author

JOHN HICK is a world-renowned philosopher of religion and theologian and the author of numerous books, many of which have become classics in their field. He is currently a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Research in Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

BRIAN HEBBLETHWAITE has lectured at Cambridge, Heidelberg and in India, is Canon Theologian at Leicester Cathedral, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, and a widely published author.

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