China's Invisible Crisis

Pages: 288
Subject: Economics
Imprint: Oneworld

China's Invisible Crisis

The Growing Urban-Rural Divide and What It Means for the World Economy

Natalie Johnson, Scott Rozelle

Right now, as you read this, a massive drama is unfolding in China. This is not a story that you have heard elsewhere. Indeed, almost no one inside or outside of China is aware of it.
9781786075529 (18 Apr 2019)
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The Book

Every year, 40,000 factories shut down across China. The country's economy has been built on the back of unskilled labour - and now that wages are rising, the jobs are moving elsewhere. The past decades have seen huge investment in infrastructure, but there is almost nothing left to build. 

This is not a blip but a new era. As a middle-income country with 600 million uneducated rural poor, China has a looming crisis of human capital. Without better skills and education, the country risks treading the path of Mexico or Brazil, leading to corruption, organised crime and economic stagnation. And as its unskilled, heavily male population grows restless, China may come to rely far more on militaristic nationalism in order to stave off social unrest.

Stanford economist Scott Rozelle argues that, even as China has experienced unprecedented growth and deeply embedded itself in the world economy, it has missed a vital component in securing its future. The implications should worry all of us.

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Subject Economics
Pages 288
Imprint Oneworld



‘Rozelle and Johnson present a fascinating account of how rural China's education and health deficit threatens to derail the country's economic ascent. Their outside-the-box approach to understanding economic development offers indispensable new insight into the extreme challenges China faces in the decade ahead.'

- Dinny McMahon, author of China’s Great Wall of Debt