Everyone knows that publishing is notoriously difficult to get into. At Oneworld, our internship programme aims to give young people with aspirations of working in UK publishing the valuable experience they need to get started. In fact, we have an excellent track record of helping interns to find their first jobs in the industry or even employing them ourselves.

As a small independent publisher, we provide our interns with the kind of insight into the industry that the bigger houses cannot, simply because of their size. Whilst our interns do tend to be based in one department, they are not restricted to just that one area. The advantage of working in a small company like ours is that you get to see all the different departments, how they work and how they work together.

Typically, placements at Oneworld are between two and three months in length. There is a lot to learn and experience has taught us that placements need to be this long in order to be truly valuable. Please note that these placements are only open to graduates or those who are soon to graduate. Travel and subsistence expenses can be claimed which are capped weekly at £100.


Diversity Access Internship Programme

Oneworld prides itself on showcasing a very diverse, inclusive workplace. However, the publishing industry has been criticized in the past for being too white and too middle class. To help address this, Oneworld has launched our Diversity Access Programme, which we hope will help to ensure that those working in the industry in the future will be more representative of wider society.  As part of this programme we are working closely with organizations sharing this important objective, such as Creative Access and Spread the Word, but we are equally happy to receive applications from aspiring interns from a broad variety of backgrounds.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at Oneworld please email your CV and a cover letter – detailing your interest in publishing, any relevant experience you already have and what you would hope to get out of undertaking an internship at Oneworld – to