Pages: 192
Subject: Religion
Imprint: Oneworld
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A Short Introduction

Klaus K. Klostermaier

A meticulous introduction that not only explores the origins of Buddhism, but also offers a detailed study of its schools, doctrines, practices and texts.
9781851681860 (29 Jul 1999)
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The Book

Providing comprehensive coverage of the origins of Buddhism, while also tackling the doctrines and practices of this ancient faith, this comprehensive guide is an insightful and jargon-free picture of the great faith. All the most important topics are rendered accessible to the reader, among them Buddhism as a living tradition; meditation and education; and the goal of Nirvana. Answering all the questions most people would ask about the key issues of Buddhism, Buddhism: A Short Introduction will enable readers to better understand the vast and varied phenomenon that has deeply shaped a great part of humanity past and present.

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Subject Religion
Pages 192
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations map


About the Author

Klaus K. Klostermaier, FRSC, is a renowned expert on Hinduism and its sacred texts. He is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He lived and worked in India for over a decade, studying sources in thir original languages. He is the author of the acclaimed A Survey of Hinduism (SUNY).

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