British Muslim Converts

Pages: 304
Subject: Religion: Islam
Imprint: Oneworld

British Muslim Converts

Choosing Alternative Lives

Kate Zebiri

Kate Zebiri examines British cases of conversion to Islam, asking whether converts could act as much-needed mediators in the growing divide between Islam and the West.
9781851685462 (30 Nov 2007)
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The Book

When the Western mass-media talk of conversion to Islam, we are bombarded with accounts of vulnerable people brainwashed into a culture of extremism. However, in reality, the vast majority who convert are well-educated, and doing so as the result of a long-considered and heartfelt decision. What is more, their numbers are multiplying.The only exploration of this unique group in British society, this well-argued and powerful book investigates the fascinating

contribution that Western converts to Islam are making to Islamic thought.

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Subject Religion: Islam
Pages 304
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Kate Zebiri is Senior Lecturer of Arabic & Islamic Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. She is the author of Muslims And Christians Face To Face.


"Zebrisi's research covers ground that previous surveys of converts have not explored"

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