Bogotá 39

Pages: 336
Subject: Fiction, Translated Fiction
Imprint: Oneworld

Bogotá 39

New Voices from Latin America


Translated by Various
An anthology of short stories by the best thirty-nine Latin American authors under the age of forty
9781786073334 (7 Jun 2018)
RRP £12.99 / US$18.00

The Book


‘This new generation of Latin American writers has exchanged history for memory, dictators for narcos and political engagement for gender and class consciousness.' El País

Ten years on from the first Bogotá 39 selection, which brought writers such as Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Alejandro Zambra and Junot Díaz to fame, comes this story collection showcasing thirty-nine exceptional new talents. Chosen by some of the biggest names in Latin American literature, together with publishers, writers and literary critics and a panel of expert judges, this exciting anthology paves the way for a new generation of household names.

These stories have been brought into English by some of the finest translators around, including familiar names such as Daniel Hahn, Christina MacSweeney and Megan McDowell, as well as many new and exciting translators who are just launching their careers. With authors from fifteen different countries, this diverse collection of stories transports readers to a host of new worlds, and represents the very best writing coming out of Latin America today.

Additional Information

Subject Fiction, Translated Fiction
Pages 336
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

An anthology of short stories by thirty-nine of the best Latin American writers under forty, from fifteen countries. The featured authors are: Carlos Manuel Álvarez, Frank Báez, Natalia Borges Polesso, Giuseppe Caputo, Juan Cárdenas, Mauro Javier Cárdenas, María José Caro, Martín Felipe Castagnet, Liliana Colanzi, Juan Esteban Constaín, Lola Copacabana, Gonzalo Eltesch, Diego Erlan, Daniel Ferreira, Carlos Fonseca, Damián González Bertolino, Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón, Gabriela Jauregui, Laia Jufresa, Mauro Libertella, Brenda Lozano, Valeria Luiselli, Alan Mills, Emiliano Monge, Mónica Ojeda, Eduardo Plaza, Eduardo Rabasa, Felipe Restrepo Pombo, Juan Manuel Robles, Cristian Romero, Juan Pablo Roncone, Daniel Saldaña París, Samanta Schweblin, Luciana Sousa, Jesús Miguel Soto, Mariana Torres, Valentín Trujillo, Claudia Ulloa and Diego Zúñiga.


‘A stunning and timely collection of short stories, worth reading for the sheer variety of voices as much as for its scope and literary quality.'

- Morning Star

‘This anthology allows us all to see before us a bright future for literature in Spanish.'

- New York Times (Spain)

‘A swirling celebration of breakthrough names who are producing diverse and intriguing stories.'

- Emerald Street

‘This short story anthology collects some of the best fiction by Latin American authors under 40, ensuring you'll find new voices to love.'

- Paste Magazine

‘This new generation of Latin American writers has exchanged history for memory, dictators for narcos and political engagement for gender and class consciousness.'

- El País

‘A diverse and thought-provoking group of writers.'

- El Mercurio (Chile)

‘Readers can delve deep into the pages of this book just like someone getting lost in a forest: with a feeling of both wonder and surprise.'

- El Comercio (Peru)