Iain Sinclair, award-wining author of The Last London and Lights Out for the Territory, joins us for an evening to celebrate his new book The Gold Machine. 

Iain will be joined in conversation with esteemed author and artist Brian Catling, known best for his cult Vorrh triology.

In The Gold Machine, Iain Sinclair and his daughter travel through Peru, guided by – and in reaction to – an ill-fated colonial expedition led by his great-grandfather, Arthur Sinclair. The incursions of Catholic bounty hunters and Adventist missionaries are contrasted with today’s ecotourists and short-cut vision seekers. The family history of a displaced Scottish highlander fades into the brutal reality of a major land grab. The historic thirst for gold and the establishment of sprawling coffee plantations leave terrible wounds on virgin territory.

Boys’ Own Adventure story is transformed into a shocking tale of the violated rights of indigenous people, secret dealings between London finance and Peruvian government, and the collusion of the church in colonial expansion. A beautiful valley is now the property of a British corporation.

Join us for a thoughtful exploration of the intersection between past and present – and the spaces that remain haunted by the in-between – from two brilliant figures on the landscape of contemporary writing.