The need to tell the time connects you to over five thousand years of human history. From the first solstice markers at Newgrange to quartz crystal oscillating in your watch today.

Join physicist Chad Orzel as he discusses time from orbital motion and axial tilt to the quantum mechanics and relativity theory that gives us our ultra-precise atomic clocks.

In this talk, Chad explores the wondrous physics that makes time something we can set, measure and know.

Chad Orzel is an associate professor at the department of physics and astronomy at Union College, where he does research on atomic, molecular, and optical physics. 

He has written for Forbes, Daily Mail and Physics World, and has spoken at numerous TED talks. His previous books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in Niskayuna, New York.

Chad's book, 'A Brief History of Timekeeping: The Science of Marking Time, from Stonehenge to Atomic clocks' is available from all good bookstores.