With 54 sovereign countries and a population set to double in 30 years from 1.3 billion today to over 2.5 billion by 2050, Africa is little understood by the rest of the world.

Persistent images of war and extreme poverty, stories of corruption and environmental degradation, and the well-intentioned campaigns of charities dominate most people’s perceptions of this hugely diverse continent. Chatham House Director Robin Niblett leads this wide-ranging discussion examining the key challenges and opportunities facing Africa in this critical next decade: from the impacts of climate change and rapid urbanisation to the revolution in tech and entrepreneurship that is driving positive change across many African countries. He is joined by Julia Gallagher, Professor in African Politics at SOAS, Associate Professor of African Politics and political sociologist Simukai Chigudu and the author and senior lecturer in Gender and International Politics Peace Medie (His Only Wife).

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