For the last weekend of Storybox, we’re celebrating teen fiction with a YA Weekender.

As part of that, we’re hosting a creative writing workshop led by YA author, Olivia Levez. 

Want to add some glitter to your writing? YA author, Olivia Levez, will be leading an interactive workshop based around her latest book, The Circus. As well as being an author, Olivia has been teaching creative writing for over 20 years.

After taking a quiz to find out which circus performer you are, you will learn how to write from different perspectives, whether it’s teetering on the high wire, the rush of the trapeze, or a police officer in the front row.

The Circus is the adrenalin-fuelled adventure of a girl who runs away from everything she has ever known to try to join the circus and reconnect with her missing mother. A frightening, exhilarating story of survival, friendship – and sawdust.

This is an exciting, challenging workshop aimed at 10-14 year olds who love creative writing, and want to see how authors build their scenes.