'I first read The Little Prince when I was a teenager. I wish I’d discovered it before. It’s such a strange, charming little book. Once you’ve read it, you never forget it.'

Margot, Publicity Director


'I was given The Little Prince to read in primary school, and, as I'm sure sure was the case for many other people, its endearing story stayed with me for many years after. Even now, in adult situations, I sometimes remember fondly the lines 'It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.' I think the The Little Prince explores some of life's most important questions such a innocent and gentle way that it stays in your mind forever.'

Florence, Sales & Marketing Intern


'It's my father's favourite book, so I remember him reading it to me as a child. He read to me from his original copy, which is all yellowed and torn. He must have gotten as a little boy. He was proud when I played the aviator in a stage performance at the local theatre.'

Cailin, Marketing Manager


'I read it with my mum when I was growing up, but never quite understood it until I re-read it when I was a teenager. It's stayed with me for quite some time. It's no wonder, really, that it's inspired so many people.'

Patrick, Sales Assistant