There’s been a lot of word-of-mouth going round about how great this debut from journalist Saima Mir is. It’s a thrilling, pull-no-punches story about a British Asian woman being sucked into the orbit of her family’s organised crime empire. Join Saima to explore the world of The Khan – reading aloud with us.

Jia Khan’s father, Akbar Khan, has been murdered and Jia must return to the north of England from London to take his place – with all that entails. Because her father also headed up a major local crime syndicate.

A rich novel about the complex loyalties of British family and community. 

‘With The Khan, Saima Mir delivers a once-in-a-generation crime-thriller and in Jia Khan has created a female South-Asian protagonist who is fierce, passionate and absolutely compelling. This is not simply black-and-white on the page. It’s blood. It’s emotion. It’s tears, anger, betrayal and revenge. An outstanding debut which deserves to be read widely.’  A.A. Dhand.

Join us and journalist-turned-author Saima Khan and get caught up in the world of this, brilliant explosive read. 

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