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Monstrous Devices is a page-turning, Indiana Jones-style adventure featuring a boy, his grandfather, a toy robot and its legion of tiny but determined mechanical followers.

Join Damien as he shares his own journey writing the book; from his spooky childhood toys to his adventures in secret corners of Paris and Prague, the settings for his clockwork characters. Antony Horowitz described Monstrous Devices as ‘Rick and Morty colliding with early Spielberg.’ Why did Damien write such a devilishly creepy tale? Come along to find out!


Damien Love lives in Glasgow and has written on film, music, and more for a number of publications. Monstrous Devices is his first novel, and it was published in America to excellent reviews before its release in the UK. The book is an adventure for readers aged 9-12, but Damien says that older people are allowed to read it too. In fact, he encourages it!


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