Philosopher Professor A C Grayling says the foundations on which our democracy stands are inherently flawed and sets out the reforms we need to make.

Grayling says that Britain and the United States can never be truly democratic when a ‘first past the post’ system means a voter supporting a losing candidate is not represented. He argues for a clear and principled written constitution that addresses the imbalance of power between parliament and government, for fixed terms for MPs, proportional representation and a lowering of the voting age to 16. Grayling says that the issue of what makes a good state has never been so important as democracies around the world are showing signs of decay.

Grayling is professor of philosophy and master of the New College of the Humanities. He is often seen and heard on television and radio and is author of more than 40 books including Liberty in the Age of TerrorThe God ArgumentDemocracy and Its Crisis and The History of Philosophy.