A panel of authors and journalists come together to discuss the disturbing re-emergence of scientific research into racial differences.

Nationalism is on the rise and it’s perhaps no coincidence that dangerously divisive race science has seen a re-emergence in recent times. 

British science journalist Angela Saini’s 'Superior: The Return of Race Science', published earlier this year, tells the story of the persistent thread of belief in biological racial differences. It has been described as ‘a wake-up call for those who believe science is always objective and apolitical’. 

This discussion brings together Angela and a panel of acclaimed authors and journalists to discuss the roots of race science and to what extent it is on the rise in 2019. The conversation will place a particular focus on intelligence and sport, and how questionable science has been used to misrepresent the abilities of different ethnic groups in these areas. 

Speakers on the night include: 

Please note this event will be followed by a book signing with the authors in the IMAX Theatre.