Join war correspondent and author, Martin Bell, for a lunch to remember.

War and The Death of News – out this Summer –  is a compelling account that mixes autobiography, reportage and a ‘state of the nation’ survey of wartime reporting from one of the outstanding TV journalists of our time. Martin Bell has been under fire in conflicts from Belfast to Nigeria and El Salvador, and kept the company of soldiers, warlords, mercenaries and militias. He also spent four years in the surrogate war zone of the House of Commons.

Bell will draw on his memories as a soldier and journalist, using notebooks, diaries and poetry, reflecting on the pity of war, as well as the complex relationship between the media and the military.

Ticket buyers will have the opportunity to buy pre-release copies of his new book, War and The Death of News: Reflections of a Grade B Reporter, which is not due for general release until June. Bell will also be signing copies of the book after the lunch.