MARTIN Bell is the finest correspondent of his generation and has stood in war zones as both a soldier and a journalist.


From Vietnam to Bosnia and Iraq, the former BBC foreign correspondent has witnessed first-hand the dramatic changes in how conflicts are fought and reported.


Terry Waite, a previous guest at the Grand, said: “No one is better qualified to write honestly about the worrying decline of news reporting than Martin Bell.”


In his compelling new book, fast becoming a best seller, Bell provides a deeply personal account of war and issues an impassioned call to put the substance back in our news coverage.


Bell said: “In an age of international terror, where journalists themselves have become targets, more and more reports are issued from the sidelines.


“The dominance of social media has ushered in a post-truth world.


“Twitter rumours and unverifiable videos abound, and some TV News seeks to entertain rather than inform.”


Bell, a former Independent MP and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, will speak about his remarkable life on the front line when we are honoured to welcome him back to The Grand Venue, on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.