Biblical Text and Texture

Pages: 172
Subject: Religion
Imprint: Oneworld Academic
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Biblical Text and Texture

A Literary Reading of Selected Texts

Michael A. Fishbane

A literary exploration of the Hebrew Bible focussing on three distinct literary elements: narrative text, direct speech, and themes and motifs.

The Book

The bible remains one of the major literary achievements of human history, comprising over 60 documents, with as many contributors, and composed over many centuries. In this book, Michael Fishbane approaches the Hebrew Bible from a literary point of view. He demonstrates how, just as orators use particular techniques such as repetition and pause to convey their message in the way they require, the Hebrew Bible authors used a range of literary devices to communicate a religious message applicable to particular historical moments, each with their own political, moral and theological contexts.

Additional Information

Subject Religion
Pages 172
Imprint Oneworld Academic
Illustrations black & white illustrations


About the Author

Michael Fishbane is Nathan Cummings Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Chicago, and Chair of the Committee on Jewish Studies. He has authored and edited more than fifteen books.


"very readable and instructive introduction to a literary reading of scripture."

- Epworth Review

"a useful contribution to the study of the Bible as literature."

- Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

"this volume still retains its freshness"

- Theological Book Review

"there are stunning insights clearly presented"

- World Faiths Encounter

"A beautifully written little volume containing … sensitivity to language, spiritual insight, and passionate faith." John G. Gamie

- Interpretation

Table of Contents



Narratives and Narrative Cycles

Speeches and Prayers

Motifs and Other Text-Transformations