Bernie Madoff, the Wizard of Lies

Pages: 448
Subject: Business
Imprint: Oneworld

Bernie Madoff, the Wizard of Lies

Inside the Infamous $65 Billion Swindle

Diana B. Henriques

A true-life financial thriller. It is based on the author's access to Bernie Madoff, including extensive correspondence and his first interviews for publication since his arrest.
9781851689033 (18 Aug 2011)
RRP £12.99

The Book

Based on award-winning reporter Diana Henriques' unprecedented access to Madoff, including extensive correspondence and his first interviews for publication since his arrest, "Bernie Madoff, The Wizard of Lies" is the ultimate true-life financial thriller.

Additional Information

Subject Business
Pages 448
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Diana B. Henriques is a senior financial writer for The New York Times, where she has led coverage of the Madoff scandal. She is the winner of numerous awards for her reporting on white-collar crime. A bio-pic of the book is in development with HBO Pictures.


"Henriques… offers a riveting history of Mr Madoff's shady dealings and the shattering consequences of his theft."

- The Economist

‘‘[Henriques] probably knows more than anyone outside the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission about the mechanics of the fraud. As a consequence, in The Wizard of Lies she is able to add significant detail to the story ... Riveting reading ... In the end the story holds us not because of the engrossing details of the scam, but because of the human dimension.’" - Liaquat Ahamed

- New York Times Book Review

"Cogent and well researched, The Wizard of Lies is an engaging narrative… [The book] reveals many moments where Madoff might have been stopped. But his investors were too trusting or too greedy to ask the right questions and US regulators were too cowed and too disorganised."

- Financial Times

"Henriques offers an impressive, meticulously reported postmortem not only of the Ponzi scheme but also of Madoff’s entire career ... The Wizard of Lies is the definitive book on what Madoff did and how he did it."

- Bloomberg BusinessWeek

"[Madoff] is so much like every one of us that failing to recognize this fact will imperil us atevery financial turn. This is one of many revelations in Diana Henriques’ stunning new book."

- Reuters

"A detailed, thrilling insight into the darker side of the world of finance."

- Telegraph

Named one of the "10 best finance books" by Samuel Muston, The Independent