Animal Vegetable Criminal

Pages: 320
Subject: Popular Science
Imprint: Oneworld

Animal Vegetable Criminal

When Nature Breaks the Law

Mary Roach

In her addictive, whip-smart voice, bestselling author Mary Roach delves into what happens when nature breaks human law.
9781786078346 (14 Oct 2021)
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The Book

What happens when nature and humanity clash? In past centuries, wild animals who broke the law would be given lawyers and put on trial. But what's the solution now, as we humans dominate the planet and don't like it when wildlife gets in the way? In this fresh, funny and thoroughly-researched book, Mary Roach examines the problems, solutions and organisms involved in the harmonious co-habitation of humanity with the rest of nature.

Follow the author as she explores the realm of human-wildlife conflict, a crossroads of behavioural science and biology that brings us everything from the laser scarecrow to the langur impersonator. Travel to the bear-busy back alleys of Aspen, the gull-vandalised floral displays at the Vatican and leopard-terrorized hamlets in the Himalayas, then meet the behind-the-scenes experts trying to broker peace. 

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Subject Popular Science
Pages 320
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Mary Roach is the New York Times-bestselling author of several popular science books including Packing for Mars and Gulp. Her most recent book Grunt was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Science & Technology Book Prize. She has written for the GuardianWiredBBC FocusGQ and Vogue


‘[A] splendid study of all things alimentary…'

- Bill Bryson on Gulp

‘The most entertaining writer in science.'

- The Times

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