Amir Khusraw

Pages: 140
Subject: Religion: Islam
Series: Makers of the Muslim World
Imprint: Oneworld Academic
Illustrations: Illustrations

Amir Khusraw

The Poet of Sultans and Sufis

Sunil Sharma

Surveys the life and work of the 14th century poet.
9781851683628 (23 May 2005)
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The Book

This book studies an important icon of medieval South Asian culture, Indian courtier, poet, musician and Sufi, Amir Khusraw (1253-1325), chiefly remembered for his poetry in Persian and Hindi, today an integral part of the performative qawwali tradition.

Additional Information

Subject Religion: Islam
Series Makers of the Muslim World
Pages 140
Imprint Oneworld Academic
Illustrations Illustrations


About the Author

Sunil Sharma is Senior Lecturer in Persian at Boston University. Works include: Persian Poetry at the Indian Frontier (Permanent Black, 2000).