Pages: 208
Series: Beginner's Guides
Imprint: Oneworld
Illustrations: ill


A Beginner's Guide

Charles Taliaferro

Learn what art is and what it's not
9781851688203 (1 May 2011)
RRP £9.99 / US$14.95

The Book

What is art? Why do we find some things beautiful but not others? Is it wrong to share MP3s? These are just some of the questions explored by aesthetics, the philosophy of art. In this sweeping introduction, Charles Taliaferro skilfully guides us through different theories of art and beauty, tackling issues such as who owns art and what happens when art and morality collide. From Plato on poetry to Ringo Starr on the drums, this is a perfect introductory text for anyone interested in the fascinating questions art can raise.

Additional Information

Series Beginner's Guides
Pages 208
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations ill


About the Author

Charles Taliaferro is Professor of Philosophy at St. Olaf College, Minnesota. He is the author of over twenty books on philosophy and lectures on Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Religion.


'Providing a balanced view of many controversial concepts and traditions – from Plato to Mozart to Tolkien – Taliaferro gives a sound tour of the essential questions… Highly recommended as an introduction guide.'

- Transpositions

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