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Oneworld was founded in 1986 by husband and wife team Juliet Mabey and Novin Doostdar as an independent publishing house focusing on stimulating non-fiction. Now publishing over 100 books a year, Oneworld has retained its founding commitment to the old-fashioned principles of great writing, editorial excellence, high production values, and marketing flair, to produce books that are read by the intellectually curious all over the world.

Our fiction list showcases intelligent, challenging, and distinctive novels that sit at the intersection of the literary and the commercial: emotionally engaging stories with strong narratives and distinctive voices. In addition to being beautifully written, we hope our novels play their part in introducing the reader to a different culture or an interesting historical period/event, and deeply explore the human condition in all its vagaries. We aim to publish novels that matter, that stay with you long after the last page is turned.

We have always brought an international approach to our publishing, reflecting the global society in which we live. We work with authors, literary agents and publishing partners throughout the world, and achieve effective international distribution through a comprehensive network of distributors and representatives.

Winner of the Booker Prize 2015 and 2016

Winner of the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019

‘Oneworld has a remarkable track record of spotting novels that deserve wider attention outside their native lands.’ New Statesman

‘Oneworld punches above its considerable weight.’ London Review of Books

‘Oneworld…has found huge success discovering novels shunned by the large publishing houses.’ Independent

‘Oneworld is a bold new imprint with an appetite for risk.’ Robert McCrum, Observer

‘Oneworld – the current Ruth Killick Publicity Trade Publisher of the Year at the IPG’s Independent Publishing Awards – has many of the other hallmarks of great independents: tight-knit, nimble and wholeheartedly committed to the authors and books it publishes.’ Bridget Shine, Bookseller

‘As the small indie imprint Oneworld was responsible for both James and Beatty’s Man Booker winners, its publisher has deservedly been receiving plaudits for acquiring them when larger outfits showed no interest.’ Private Eye

‘It would be an impressive feat for, say, Penguin Random House to notch up consecutive Booker wins; for an indie such as Oneworld, it is an astounding achievement.’ The Bookseller

‘It’s testament to an unflagging commitment to diversity, extending beyond that of race and culture to socio-economic, gender and disability issues.’ IPG judges

‘Oneworld has flown the flag for independents.’ The Bookseller

‘The archetypal literary independent: passionate, distinctive, shaped by its founders and bold enough to take risks…the best in UK indie publishing.’ British Book Industry Awards Judges

‘A fantastic company that takes risks.’ IPG judges

‘To have won two Booker prizes on the trot speaks to a brave and remarkable editorial eye.’ Chris White, Waterstones Fiction Buyer

‘Oneworld represents the very best in independent publishing, and is very much a publisher I admire. Their list showcases the best in fiction and non-fiction writing, addressing themes of great variety with commercial appeal. In short, they are a publisher of great distinction and effortless style.’ Matthew Bates, Head of Fiction, WHSmith Travel

‘Winning the Booker is transformational, and to stay at that high level is very impressive. It publishes books it believes in and out of that comes some fantastic sales. Oneworld is a small publisher with a very big heart.’ IPG judges, 2023

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