A Man for All Markets

Pages: 416
Imprint: Oneworld

A Man for All Markets

Beating the Odds, from Las Vegas to Wall Street

Edward O Thorp

The unimaginable success of a gambling and investment legend
9781786070289 (9 Feb 2017)
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The Book

Mathematics professor. Professional gambler. Tech inventor. Hedge fund heavyweight. Bestselling author. One of a kind.

Edward O Thorp worked his way up from nothing to become a professor at MIT. Using one of their early computers for his calculations, he invented card counting, making huge winnings at blackjack, roulette and baccarat in Las Vegas and brushing shoulders with mobsters along the way.  

Thorp then moved on to Wall Street, where he began a hugely successful career in the stock market, attracting the attention of global investors such as Warren Buffett. Using mathematics to find and exploit pricing anomalies, he built a significant fortune, later becoming known as 'The Godfather of Quants'.

For the first time, Thorp shares his incredible life story, explaining how he made his money and giving advice to the next generation of investors.

Additional Information

Pages 416
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Edward O Thorp is the New York Times bestselling author of Beat the Dealer and a former professor of mathematics at MIT, UCLA and the University of California, Irvine. He lives in Orange County, California.


‘An amazing book by a true icon; Thorp launched revolutions in Vegas and on Wall Street by turning math into magic, and here he weaves his own life lessons into a page turner as hot as a deck full of aces. Loved it!'

- Ben Mezrich, New York Times bestselling author of Bringing Down The House and The Accidental Billionaires

‘The gripping story of how one man's genius and dedication has solved so many problems in diverse fields…There is nothing more important than knowing how to think clearly. Read this book and learn from a master.'

- Paul Wilmott, founder, Wilmott Magazine

‘Whether you are an aspiring professional player, a casual gambler, or an occasional visitor to Las Vegas, you can feel the impact of Professor Ed Thorp's intellect on that desert city. In 1962, Thorp published the classic book Beat the Dealer. The text was based on Thorp's original research that stemmed from his curiosity about the game of 21, and was billed as a "how to book” for the lay person to beat the casinos at blackjack. And simply stated it changed everything…The book chronicles Thorp's heroic-like arc from his humble beginnings growing up in a family that struggled to get by - first in the cold winters of Chicago and later in the sun soaked cities of southern California, where he excelled in a variety of high school science courses and ultimately earned a scholarship for his exceptional talents in physics - on through his professional career as a gaming guru, and ultimately to his amazing success in a stock market-centered career, where he would take his knowledge and understanding of games of chance and apply it to the biggest casino in the world, Wall Street…A Man for All Markets chronicles Thorp's personal journey in navigating the unexpected and sometimes dangerous obstacles that come along with challenging the status quo of a wealthy corporate adversary.'

- Nicholas G. Colon, Professional Advantage Gambler and Managing Director of Alea Consulting Group, a casino gaming consulting firm