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Philippe Legrain Wins the Business Book Award for Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

26th May, 2021

Philippe Legrain’s book Them and Us: How immigrants and locals can thrive together has won the award for for Diversity, Inclusion & Equality at the 2021 Business Book Awards.

The Business Book Awards highlight Leadership, Change and Sustainability in business through the promotion of Business Books and their authors, who share their industry knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form.

The judges said ‘This book caught the judges’ attention straight away… Its title is reflecting on one of the key focuses when we talk about Diversity, Inclusion & Equality, the concept of othering. Them and Us is an exceptionally well-written book, which puts forth an incredibly strong argument in favour of immigrants and immigration… What made the book stand out for us was its ability to then present clear solutions which the reader could then take forward. Congratulations Phillippe on winning this year!’

Filled with data, anecdotes and optimism, Them and Us is an endorsement of cultural differences at a time of acute national introspection. By every measure, from productivity to new perspectives, immigrants bring something beneficial to society. If patriotism means wanting the best for your country, we should be welcoming immigrants with open arms.

The Economist said that ‘Legrain’s book fizzes with practical ideas.’

You can find out more about the Business Book Awards, and watch the prize ceremony, here.

Congratulations to Philippe!

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