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A Postcard from Andrew Wear

27th April, 2020

Andrew Wear, author of Solved shares an insight into life under lockdown where he lives in Victoria, Australia. 


After starting a new job right as the coronavirus wave was breaking, I’m holed up in my backyard studio, participating in Zoom meetings and teleconferenecs with a team I’ve never met. Meanwhile, my children roam about the house, sometimes self-organising, sometimes listless. School starts back shortly, with the children learning remotely at home. I have no idea how this is going to work.

As an extravert prone to claustrophobia, I’m not particularly enjoying the self-isolation experience. Though with my health and employment intact, I remind myself regularly that I’m one of the lucky ones, and that this is a temporary state.

Australia has – so far – avoided the worst of the COVID-19 crisis, but leaving the house to go for a walk or a shop feels somewhat transgressive, dangerous. We come home and scrub our hands thoroughly.

 Nothing will be as it was before, and I find this both terrifying and exciting. Such a radical shift contains within it a sense of possibility. With the new insights we’ve gained, perhaps we’ll emerge with an awareness that when things go really bad, we rely on our public institutions; that the best decisions are informed by evidence ; that the health and wellbeing of those at the bottom impacts on all of us? With the experience of mobilisation and sacrifice to address one existential threat, perhaps we’ll be emboldened to tackle others? After the pandemic, nothing is predestined. It will be up to us to write this future.


Solved by Andrew Wear is published in August in hardback. Find out more here



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