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A Postcard from Carl Safina

12th April, 2020

Carl Safina, author of Becoming Wild, shares an insight into life under lockdown where he lives in New York. 


COVID-19 keeps us apart, but it also keeps us close. With cancellations of my book tour, bookstore appearances, and Earth Day lectures, we have been cancelled, but remain busy at home. It’s more a trade-off than a disappointment. The time to be with my wife Patricia and our pets has been really nice. I love the rhythm of taking care of our doggies and our hens. And we have time to raise new chicks to add to our small chicken flock. So a few days ago we went to two buy some. The New York Times has reported people “panic-buying live chicks and garden seeds, as people plow their anxiety into the solace of yards and gardens. Indeed, we went to two sold-out places before finding a feed store with chicks. We have our six adorable new chicks in our living room while the outdoor weather is too chilly for tiny chicks. Several times daily we open their enclosure and let them roam for long periods. Our three dogs have responded differently to the little fluff-balls. Jude, age 7 and male, is not only disinterested; he prefers to keep his distance. Chula, age 6, is very interested; she acts as though this is a new brood of babies. Which of course it is. She has seen chicks before and treats them as though she realizes they need protection. She shows no urge to harm; on the contrary she seems protective. Cady, not yet two years old, a 20-pound mini Australian shepherd, went from being mildly afraid to proprietary. She follows them incessantly, as if responsible for their safety, while they roam our rooms. Such fun! We’re looking forward to watching them grow.






Becoming Wild by Carl Safina is out now in hardback. Find out more here


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