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Syd Moore – Halloween at Gower Street

26th October, 2018

Join Lucy Popescu for a Hallowe’en evening of witches, werewolves, black magic and the supernatural, featuring spine-tingling readings from award winning children’s writer Sally Gardner and acclaimed novelists Syd Moore and Cathi Unsworth.

Syd Moore, the mistress of witch books, will be reading from and talking about her latest supernatural novel Strange Fascinationbased on Anne Hughes, who lived in Great Leighs in Essex. Accused of witchcraft, she was burned at the stake, her remains were buried and a boulder rolled across her grave to prevent her from rising again. When centuries later the Blackly Be boulder, situated in the car park of the Seven Stars pub, is moved, all hell breaks out.

Sally Gardner will be reading from and talking about Tinder, inspired by the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Tinderbox. An adventure of dark magic and mystery, set during Europe’s Thirty Years War, Tinder follows the fortunes of Otto Hundebiss, a soldier who defies death and becomes the master of werewolves.

Cathi Unsworth will be reading and talking about her latest novel, That Old Black Magic. Set in Wartime England, Cathi’s supernatural thriller blends fact and fiction and interweaves “witchcraft and conspiracy in the mist-shrouded British countryside”. The story is based on two true cases from WWII, the trail of Helen Duncan, the last woman ever to be prosecuted in this country for witchcraft in 1944, and the Bella in the Wych Elm mystery that began in 1943 and is ongoing.

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