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Miranda Kaufmann – British Museum [SOLD OUT]

31st August, 2018

We know what the Tudors wore, we know what they ate, we know the details of their monarchs’ sex lives, and how they caused seismic changes in religious and political history.

But what about Black Tudors? Until now, the story of the Africans who lived and died in sixteenth-century England has remained untold. In this talk, Miranda Kaufmann tells the stories of three of the 10 Black Tudors in her book, tracing their tumultuous paths through the Tudor era, uncovering a rich array of detail about their daily lives and how they were treated. She reveals the trouble Jacques Francis got himself into while working as a salvage diver on the wreck of the Mary Rose; how Mary Fillis came from Morocco to London, where she was baptised; and what led to Edward Swarthye whipping a white future coloniser in rural Gloucestershire in 1596.

Black Tudors: the untold story is shortlisted for the prestigious Wolfson History Prize 2018, and is a Book of the Year for the Evening Standardand the Observer.

Includes a complimentary drink.

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